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Our firm has worked with Des Moines Habitat for Humanity for many years, to assist people to move into their new homes. Teams help build the homes, the new homeowners put in their own sweat equity by working for Habitat for Humanity, working in the office and warehouse or wherever needed, plus working on the job site building their new home. We are there at the end to assist with the loan closing, signing of the paper work and passing the keys across the table. We do not charge anything for our services.

These are people with tremendous stories of living in troubled countries who have come to America and Iowa. Below you will find one of those stories. It is only because of each of you, helping our firm to be a success, that we are able to provide our services to them. THANKS!

Dreams Come True – Growing up in a refugee camp, at night Geeta would dream of one day having a home of her own, not having to spend her nights in a tent nor days waiting in line for food rations. After resettling in the United States, she met and married Kamal, and they found a small apartment in Des Moines. Kamal and Geeta dreamed of one day having a home of their own where they would no longer be overcrowded, where their son would have his own room and Kamal and Geeta could find a quiet space to continue their education.


On October 20, 2015, Kamal and Geeta purchased a home of their own through their hard work and the opportunity with Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity.  They are thankful that to have the space to celebrate and grow together as a family. The realization of Geeta’s childhood dream is the opportunity to own a home of their own, and it is this American Dream achieved through this wonderful partnership and mission for which Kamal and Geeta are so very grateful! Closing day pictured with homebuyers Geeta and Kamal and their son Mayukh and volunteer Mark Abendroth.

Thank you!  Each of you on the Good Things email contributes to make special days like Kamal and Geeta’s closing happen. Greater Des Moines Habitat will serve more than 175 families in 2015 because YOU shared your time, effort, and resources to make a difference. Thank YOU!